My college life…

As I have mentioned before in my introduction on my homepage, I’m in my second year of college and I’m studying to become an English teacher. So I thought why not tell you some more about my life as a student.

I go to school at Hogeschool Rotterdam, which is a HBO (a certain niveau of college) that has seperate school buildings all over Rotterdam. In these seperate buildings they teach different studies, for example: a building for biology studies, a building for art studies, a building for physics studies, a building for social studies, etc. I personally go to the school that’s close to Museumpark.

Don’t be deceived, it’s a lot smaller than it looks. In my building they teach mostly economic studies and all the teacher studies, such as German, French, History, Geography, etc.

I live about 20 minutes away from my school. I take the train and the metro everyday to get to school. It’s honestly not that bad (god bless) especially since all students in the Netherlands are able to get a “Studentenreis OV” which is basically a public transport card you can use to travel on weekdays for “free” (you don’t really have to pay for it as you get it as a gift but there are rules). In the weekends you get a 40% discount on the price you travel for. It’s pretty chill.

Anyway, like I have said about a thousand times now, I’m studying to become an English teacher and let me tell you… it’s pretty hectic alright. For those who are wondering why I chose this study weeeelllllll… yeah I personally have no idea. It was quite an out of nowhere decision, given I was seventeen years old when I had to choose a college course and I had no idea what I wanted to be when i grew up. But I definitely don’t regret it.

English has always been something I’m good at and something I enjoy learning, so I thought why not teach it? Though it doesn’t help that I am the most introvert and shy person that doesn’t like to give presentations… Though I must say, I have definitely come out of my shell more since my first year which I honestly thank my teachers for, Suzanne if you ever see this I owe my firstborn child to you (let’s hope she never sees this).

So let’s get into my study (I have no idea if I’m using ‘study’ right by the way, I googled it and it gave me 5000 thousand options to choose from, such as study, course, major,etc. so just bear with me) a bit more, shall we?

Pretty much all the courses I take are given in English, except the ones that teach us the basics on how to be a good teacher. Are we required to speak English in these classes? No, but some of my teachers are native English speakers themselves so it would be a bit douchy to just start spewing Dutch everywhere while they can’t understand you, so most of the time we speak English in class. The courses I follow are mostly classes in which we go into more detail on the English language and history and then you have classes where they teach you how to be a teacher. What are my personal thoughts on these courses you might ask, well…

I love it.

I will admit I love the courses I follow, the school I study at and especially the people I have met in these two years (my friends are nuts but I love them). Though I do have to say, as an 17-year-old I was not prepared for the stress college brings with it. My best friends last year were RedBull, Coffee and all-nighters. Which are all not very healthy (trust me I know) but I feel like I have reached a point where I finally have my social life, my school life and my work life balanced. I will talk about all that in another post.

Now that I am in my second year I finally get to start my internship. My school places us (the students) all at different high schools and MBO’s (another college niveau, I will explain this in another post as well). However, because there are so many interns and not a lot of English teachers I am still waiting to be placed somewhere (it’s been like 5 weeks since school started). This year me and my classmates will have to teach about 60 hours in total at our internships and I’m t e r r i f i e d. Yes, I have practised with teaching in front of my peers and yes, I have become pretty good at socializing but the thought of me, an 18-year-old, standing in front of a class full of 16-year-olds and older (I will probably be an intern at a MBO) and having to be someone they can turn to but at the same time having to be someone who can keep them in check, I-.. it’s a lot (That was a long fricking sentence, I’m so sorry).

Though it’s all a learning process I suppose and who knows maybe I’ll rock it.

The last thing I want to talk about for now is…*drum rolls*


I-… I love coffee more than anything in this world. And you might wonder ‘Hm, why is she saying this?’ Well because I am going to be mentioning it a lot and I wanted to give you a heads up. My friends always roll their eyes when I start talking about what coffee I drank or what coffee I’m craving. I should honestly give them some flowers for putting up with me.

That was it for this time. I’m still trying to figure out what I want this blog to look like, so I’m just experimenting with my posts right now but I think my next posts will be a bit longer.

So, I hope you all will have a wonderful day and if you liked this make sure to let me know. If you have any questions you’re always free to aks them down below. I’ll see you guys next time!

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